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Yogandha Pre practice oil Ground £16.95 incl.VAT

Yogandha Pre practice oil Ground £16.95 incl.VAT
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This handy & healthful roll-on yoga oil is called ground or apanam dhehi (may the downward moving energy be nourished). it will ground & relax you before yoga practice & when you need calm.

• sandalwood – which has been grounding yogis for over four thousand years
• frankincense – which deepens and regulates the breath. very suitable for pranayama and stress-relief
• myrrh – used to strengthen and enhance spirituality
• vetiver – a deep-rooted indian grass. plants with deep roots ground and earth us
more about our ingredients
10mls (about 1/3 oz). lasts about 6 months. use within 12 months of opening

for external use only
do not use during pregnancy
this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
black pepper can be sensitizing to some skins. monks used it for focus & perseverance.

this works mainly on the muladhara (base) chakra. that’s why the box is red.

When to use Yogandha Ground :

with practice
apply to your pulse points  - wrists, neck, temples, & 3rd eye if you like
can apply before asana or meditation. or after asana and before final relaxation

outside of practice
carry around with you - keep where you'll see it - in your bag, your desk, your car
apply when you need to be calm and when you feel yourself getting a bit stressed (watch the breath, it'll tell you.. as will a raised voice, frenzied mind, clenched knuckles...)
very useful before you need to do something that you need to be 'present' for - a meeting, a talk, life...