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Yogandha Oils

Yogandha Oils

Welcome to the sensory joy that is Yogandha Oils!

The ingredients used in the oils have been used for yoga,stress management and meditation for over 4000 years.

Yogandha Oils are designed to enhance your yoga practice,or use to soothe,envigorate or as a muscle relaxant. 

The herbal roller-balls can be used before practice & as needed to bring you back to that calm (smells re-create physiogical states).

The herbal full-body oils are for use after practice or after bath or exercise.

Heres more ....

Gandha is sanskrit for fragrance and the fragrant substances – woods, herbs, plants and resins – sandalwood, myrrh, cedarwood, jasmine, etc. that have been filling ashrams and rubbed on the skin for over four thousand years of yoga practice.

These fragrant ingredients enhance the yogic state, and when used at other times help bring us back to that state.

The purpose of yoga and meditation is to quieten the busy front part of the brain and connect with the more meditative back brain. all of our 5 senses pass through the front brain – bar one – the sense of smell. it directly accesses the older, more meditative back brain – the part we to try to connect with in yoga. this is why fragrant products have always played a role in yoga and meditation.

Yoga and nature
The early yogis used cedarwood, sandalwood and other woods, because they were aware of the temperance conferred by these trees. while modern knowledge tells us that we can attribute that temperance to the therapeutic anti-spasmodic and nervine qualities of oil derived from these trees, early yogis were simply aware that they quieted the mental chatter.

What the plants do in nature, they do in your nature:
• the roots are grounding.
• the woods are stabilizing and fortifying.
• the leaves are the breathers of the trees and in us they go straight to the lungs – they enhance the breath and pranayama.

Enhance your life and yoga with some Yogandha oils!

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