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Diary of a bad back!

on Sunday, 13 May 2007.

It is what you might call poetic that the creator of a self help product for people with bad backs should be struck down with a nasty back pain this month !! It was the result of very vigorous gardening on the May bank holiday and not being careful about my posture;I should know better -after all,I'm always telling other people!
Something went ping! in my lower back and a shooting pain went right through me as if I had been struck by lightning; I let go of the spade and yelped .That put paid to my gardening that day and the following is a diary of the week .
Tuesday 8th May -my birthday! felt a bit stiff and found it hard to get up and down from sitting easily;started to get an ache around my middle and persistent pain if I leant back .
Wednesday 9 May -didn't sleep at all well and found it really hard to get out of bed.Very nasty pain all around my middle and especially in my right hip area .Muscles in back also felt really stiff and made my shoulders and neck feel tense too .
7a.m. Wed - pain level 7 out of 10 .Put my reflosocks on straight away and set about getting kids ready for school .Luckily I don't have to go to work today .
10a.m. Wed- pain level 5 out of 10 .Have been walking around ;still hard to sit and bend; pain around middle still .
4.30-6p.m. Wed- sat and watched a DVD with kids that they had bought me for my birthday-had lots and lots of pain on getting up- 8 out of10.Still wearing my reflosocks until about 7p.m.when I went and had a very hot bath(with difficulty).
Thursday 10 May- had a really bad sleep last night,couldn't get comfortable and had severe problems getting out of bed and bending.
7a.m. thursday - in considerable pain this morning-have put my socks on again first thing -pain level 9 out of 10 - tried to find a comfortable rest point in between getting kids ready for school,but unable to .Noticed muscles are really tight and seized up which must be excacerbating the problem wherever it is -concentrating on trying to relax my muscles ,but this is hard as I have a band of pain around my middle and a throbbing pain in my right hip .
11.30a.m. Thursday - pain level 4 out of 10 - pain has eased considerably now .I have more movement,less stiffness and pains have gone.I have drunk lots of water this morning and also lay on my back with my feet together and my knees out like a frog for half an hour . Is the pain worse today because I wore my reflosocks all day yeterday and my body is responding? Who knows.
5p.m. Thursday- pain has decreased dramatically - had a sleep for 1 hour and felt o.k. lying down .Drinking lots ofwater still and wearing Reflosocks .Still stiff on sitting and rising -shooting pains in hip area have stopped .
Friday and Saturday - Felt much better and did not even bother putting my Reflosocks on -however Saturday night I had to get up in the middle of the night to see to one of the dogs and something pulled in my back on the right again as I leaned over to the dog .
Sunday 13 May -right side of pelvis feels tense and sore on rising this morning - put Reflosocks back on this morning .pain level 5 out of 10.
2.30p.m. -pain level 2 out of 10 - throbbing pain in right hip area has stopped now,even though I have been sitting down for half an hour .Hopefully I will get a good nights' sleep again tonight!
conclusion : I am happy that I didn't have to resort to taking any painkillers this week -I wore my Reflosocks ,drank lots ofwater and tried to concentrate on relaxing my muscles. However I will continue to wear my socks to work next week for at least two days out of five as a precautionary measure,as I am up,down,turning and twisting all day at work. Have a look at my Reflotherapies website for more information on reflexology and Reflosocks.

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