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Daoyin Tao - the original non surgical facelift

on Friday, 26 April 2013. Posted in Therapies

Many of you have been enjoying my special combined Daoyin Tao/ear candling offer this month,so I thought I would give you some background on the wonderful therapy that is Daoyin Tao-the original non surgical facelift!

DAOYIN is partly derived from a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine - self massage of the organs by breathing and movement.
TAO - is very difficult to translate,but loosely means "way"  .

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)evolved as a way of maintaining the health by movement,massage,breathing and correct nutrition- this is not something we have ever really embraced in the West,we prefer to wait until something breaks down or falls off before we try to fix it!
Strange attitude don't you think,when we invest time and money in in maintaining our vehicles,gas boilers and other appliances - why don't we adopt this attitude with our bodies??   
Daoyin Tao as with acupuncture,seeks to balance the body by stimulation of meridians- all the meridians of the body can be accessed via the head,neck,face and shoulders.By working the acupoints we can gather,disperse or release deficient,excess or stagnant energy to the relevant organ or area to allow healing to manifest.
Daoyin Tao is :
Revitalising - it stimulates the circulation to allow your lovely new and fresh skin to come through
Relaxing - a soothing massage which combines therapeutic acupoint stimulation with the flowing effleurage strokes of western style massage
Rejuvenating - working directly onto the face encourages fresh new cells,lymphatic movement to clear dying cells and bacterial debris from the skin and superficial tissues below

Daoyin Tao has its own "face walk" which you can practise on yourself to keep your skin glowing,soothe tense muscles and ease headaches and sinus congestion -Ask me on your next visit and I will be happy to give a short tutorial and I also have a leaflet to remind you of the acupoints so you won't lose your way! 
Daoyin Tao is the original non surgical facelift ! 

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