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Constipated? Get things moving with a bit of reflexology!

on Monday, 24 September 2007.

Did you know that reflexology can work wonders for you when your bowel is a bit sluggish and you just can't go ?! Here's what you need to do :
Turn your palms towards you,particularly the LEFT palm, and have a good feel of the fleshy pad at the base of your left thumb .This area on your hand relates to the bowel and if you are constipated you might find that this area is lumpy or tender . Give it a good massage - a good tip is to roll a pencil or pen between your palms over the fleshy pads at the base of your thumbs - and see what happens! Make sure you drink plenty of water to help things along .
This is also safe for children as they will sit for ages on the toilet waiting for something to happen!

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