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Chinese five elements - Wood

on Monday, 23 January 2012.

The Five Elements(that is wood, fire, earth, metal and water) are an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and defining your five element ‘type’ can  be a crucial part of maintain good health and eliminating ‘dis-ease’ or imbalance .Of course not everyone fits perfectly into any particular type, just as we don’t all fit our astrological profile exactly.

Here is some general information about the Wood element – see if you recognise any of the characteristics in yourself, or someone you know!!

 Wood Element

Associated season Spring


Taste sour taste – wood personalities like sour foods such as gooseberries, unripe fruits, salad and green veg .Chicken, wheat , tomatoes, rhubarb, vinegar, pineapple and sprouts are all beneficial to wood element people .

Associated organs and emotional analogies: Liver (anger) and Gallbladder (bitterness)are all about planning, decision making, vision, and organising. The liver controls movement of fluids in the body so stagnation or imbalance can cause a person to become angry, unmotivated, frustrated, irritable, obstinate, unable to plan ahead, over assertive, and prone to rages .The gallbladder meridian when out of balance can lead to bitterness, depression and inability to make decisions.

Wood element people can have addictive personalities i.e . get hooked on alcohol, drugs etc.

Physical manifestations : The gallbladder meridian zigzags across the head so wood element people can be prone to migraine and headaches, neck tension, eye issues, digestive problems, skin complaints,knee issues, (in fact any ligament or tendon issues) .Women with gallbladder imbalances may be prone to heavy periods and fibroids ,and, more obviously, gallbladder problems!

The outlet for the liver and gallbladder is the eyesdo you know anyone with piercing yet watery eyes? In my experience a classic symptom of someone with a chip on their shoulder, bitterness issues, and a bad temper simmering just under the surface. Keep a subtle eye on their alcohol intake next time you go to the pub with them (!), they are likely to have a liver imbalance and can be prone to rage – you have been warned!   

Wind is the other element associated with the liver and gallbladder meridians  –‘ wood’ people don’t like the wind and can become ill if exposed to it ,(the gallbladder points on the neck are called the ‘windgates’)so wrap a scarf around your neck and keep out of drafts.    


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